Father or sex monster

Father or Sex Monster? Father had Physical Relations with the Daughter for 4 years!

Kendrapara: A 27 years girl from Kendrapara, Ali has filed a complaint against her father. According to the girl, her father has been physically abusing her for the last four years. Even after the girl complained to the local police station, the police did not take any action.

A young woman filed a complaint against his father. She said, since 2018, his father is having a physical relationship with her Even after repeated objections, According to section 164, the statement was recorded in front of the magistrate. But no police action even after, instead, the young woman has been pressured to change her statement. Because his father is working as a driver for the police department.

After filing a complaint against her father, she does not feel it is appropriate to go to Kendrapada because of the danger to her life. Even so, she has complained to the Women’s Commission. After the complaint, the case has been transferred to Pattamundai police station. No wonder the police is still silent on this issue

Sister died Just 3 days after brother’s death

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