Sister died Just 3 days after brother's death

Heartbreaking! Sister died Just 3 days after brother’s death

Sister died 3 days after brother’s death

The siblings left holding hands. Sister died 3 days after brother’s death. Parents are crying heartbroken. The whole town is crying. This unfortunate incident took place in Jaipur Town Police Station area. However, there is no clear information on the cause of death of both of them.

According to information, the school going minor’s brother died less than 3 days ago. And today the sister of an engineering student died in that house. His body was recovered from the roof of the house. The cause of death of the two brothers is not known. There was a sad atmosphere as the brothers died in a gap of three days.

The deceased’s father said that the girl’s life was lost because of her brother. A few days ago, while the sister was studying outside, the brother insisted on giving her clothes. But before bringing the dress, the brother’s life was lost. And remembering it, he wept day and night. My younger brother is gone, why should I not be? And the family explains to him. Finally today he lost his life

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