Buffalo Collision Causes MEMU Train Derailment Near Sarla

Buffalo Collision Train Deraild Near Sarla, Odisha

A MEMU train traveling from Jharsuguda to Sambalpur has derailed near Sarla, Odisha. It is believed that a buffalo was struck by the train. One of the coaches of the train has been derailed, although there is currently no information available regarding the extent of the damage caused by the accident.

The MEMU passenger train departed Jharsuguda as per its scheduled time and was carrying a full complement of passengers. Unfortunately, an incident occurred when a buffalo was crossing the tracks near Sarla, resulting in a collision with the MEMU train. This collision led to the derailment of one of the coaches. Thankfully, all passengers in that particular coach are reported to be safe.

Currently, a rescue operation is underway, with efforts focused on isolating the affected coach. Subsequently, the train will continue its journey to Sambalpur. Unfortunately, the buffalo lost its life in this tragic accident.

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