Xi Jinping's dictatorial government

Xi Jinping’s dictatorial government! 1.5 million people were arrested in China,

Xi Jinping's dictatorial government

Xi Jinping is ready to assume the responsibility of the presidency of China for the third time in a row. Its preparations are also being seen on the streets of Beijing. Soldiers have been deployed everywhere to suppress the voice of any kind of protest. Apart from this, more than 15 lakh people have been arrested or placed under house arrest.

The authorities have also barred anyone who has traveled to areas infected with a coronavirus from entering the city. Along with this, the people’s identity cards are also thoroughly checked.

The New York Times quoted a Chinese official saying that the ban on Beijing’s streets will continue until the coronation program is over.

Let us tell you that in China, a meeting of the National Congress is called every five years. The following leaders of the country are anointed in this conference. During his ten years of rule, Xi Jinping emerged as the second politician after Mao Zedong to hold on to China’s power. They have primarily wiped out free civil society. Human rights lawyers have been imprisoned.

Armed officers patrol the streets around the Great Hall in Beijing. From here on next Sunday, Jinping will address the nation. These days cyclists are also stopped on the streets of Beijing, and they are thoroughly screened.

A Public Security Ministry official announced last month that authorities had arrested more than 1.5 million people nationwide by June. This has helped in organizing the coronation event successfully.

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