Why India Should use Nuclear Power

Why India Should use Nuclear Power as the main Energy Source?

Advantages of using Nuclear Power as an Energy Source

The rapid use of Nuclear Power has many benefits. It is clean energy that protects air quality. It produces carbon-free electric power. This power is used in many areas, from medical to space study. Some major benefits of using this power are discussed in this essay. Though there are some drawbacks to using nuclear energy, its benefits are more crucial. It would be seen in this essay that it is cheaper to produce and is reliable energy. Also, the nuclear energy sector creates many jobs and supports public safety.

Benefits of Using Nuclear Power as an Energy Source

At present, all developed countries including India are using nuclear energy. For example, The US Dept. of Energy (DOE) keeps up all the existing nuclear power plants. DOE also develops many new upgrades to enhance the current nuclear fuel cycle. These works boost a steady power supply and the economy of the USA. (Energy. Gov, 2021). Thus, the main reasons for the growing use of this energy are given below.

Less Cost. Once running, nuclear power plants cost less than other power plants. These power plants need less raw material than other power plants to produce energy (Springpowerandgas, 2018). For example, they require less uranium as raw materials than other power plants that need coal or water. Also, uranium is cheaper to buy and transport, reducing the cost. So, these plants are less costly to make the same quantity of power.

Dependable. A nuclear reactor can constantly run for months and longer (JustEnergy.com, 2020). So, designers developed these plants to run for a long duration. For example, these plants need refilling once every 1.5-2 years. So, this high quality makes these plants a far more well-founded power source.

Creates Job. Nuclear Energy plants support many jobs: such as this energy sector supports millions of jobs in India. The Energy sector is the back bone indian MSME wich creates millions of jobs and support the Indian ecomoney in a great way. Nuclear plants need expert workers with higher salaries. The energy sector provides many jobs and helps to resolve the country’s job problem.

Supports National Security. A robust nuclear energy sector is crucial for India’s defense and power talks. For example, the USA needs to preserve its world leadership to guide the correct use of nuclear tech. Therefore, the USA talks with many others to develop better bonding and create new openings for further works (Energy. Gov, 2021). In this way, this sector supports its country’s national security.

Conclusion: The significant benefits of nuclear energy are mentioned in this essay. This energy is an eco-friendly, low-cost source of power, which also adds to the country’s GDP and improves the country’s security. Also, it is cheaper to operate and very durable. Though it has some drawbacks, this industry is more beneficial than its drawbacks. Those drawbacks can be averted if the plant is maintained correctly.

Opinion submitted by Srinivash Pattnaik

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