Rahul Gandhi refuses to apologize

Rahul Gandhi to lead Congress-Gujarat Congress unanimously passed the resolution

Rahul Gandhi to lead Congress, The Gujarat Congress has requested the national leadership of the party to make Rahul Gandhi the President of the oldest Party. The demand was made at the state executive meeting of the Congress in Ahmedabad on Sunday in which all its members thunderously supported the proposal.

All the members of the party’s state executive committee met and expressed their desire to make Rahul Gandhi the President of Congress. Manish Dosi, the chief spokesperson of the party’s state unit, said they want the issue to be taken up with the national leadership.

After the meeting, the Gujarat state unit of the Congress said in a statement that the future of India and the voice of the youth demanded that Rahul Gandhi be made the Congress president. It was thunderously approved by all the present representatives of the state functionaries.

The Gujarat unit of Congress has also set a target to win 125 out of 182 seats in Gujarat in the upcoming assembly elections under the leadership of state president Jagdish Thakur. Earlier, Congress leaders said that the Chhattisgarh Congress Committee (CPCC) has also taken a decision and demanded that Rahul Gandhi be made the party’s national president. Rajasthan Congress Committee has also taken the same decision on Saturday.

Congress had last month said that its presidential polls would be held on October 17, the results of which would be announced on October 19. If only one candidate remains in contention after the withdrawal of nomination papers, the name of the Speaker will be announced on October 8 itself.

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