Jani Tu Ajana Song

Jani Tu Ajana the New Video Album of Jasmine Rath

Jani Tu Ajana

Jani Tu Ajana is a Odia album Video produced by Natraj Digital. Natraj Digital. The song was shot in various locations within odisha mainly in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

Story of Jani tu Ajana Song

The song is about a teenager’s love story triangle. This romantic is mainly around three characters Jasmin Rath, Abhishek, and Akash. Abhishek and Akash both fall in love with Jasmine at the same time., Confused Jasmine couldn’t able to figure out what to do. This Song is directed by Smruti R.

Cast and crew of Jani Tu Ajana

The story and screenplay were designed by Smruti.R while Humane Sagar give his voice for Jani Tu Ajana Odia Album Video song. The song is composed by Sagar Pradhan.

Jasmine Rath, Abhishek, and Akash are the main actors in this song

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