Get Out Of AR Mode In Pokemon Go

How To Get Out Of AR Mode In Pokemon Go

Pokemon has been in existence throughout the 20th century. It has now gained one of the biggest fanbases in the world. With the introduction of Pokemon GO, players were offered a chance to go on their journeys and hunt for new Pokemon. However, certain features, like AR (Augmented Reality), can be annoying, and users typically prefer not to have the AR feature in Pokemon GO turned off.

What is AR Mode in Pokemon Go?

The Augmented Reality option was added to Pokemon GO after its first launch. This new mode helped Pokemon GO to become more natural.

If you’re taking part in Pokemon GO, it’s incredibly thrilling to see the likes of a Charmander, Dragonite, or Pikachu standing in front of you. Even though the technology of augmented reality, also known as AR, lets players spot a Pokemon on the street directly in front of their face can be fun, switching off the feature can save battery power while making it easier to play.

Pokemon GO’s AR mode is enabled by default and uses an enormous battery in your smartphone. What exactly is the amount? It usually consumes approximately 50% of your battery within a few hours. So, this is how to switch off the AR mode within Pokemon GO without further delay.

How to turn off the AR Mode within Pokemon GO

Switch or de-check the AR option located on your left side of the screen to switch off your AR mode.

Follow these Steps

  • If you press the Pokemon and click on the Pokemon, you will be taken to the screen for capturing.
  • There is the option to disable this mode at your upper right.
  • All you have to toggle on is the option to turn off AR. To go into more detail, you must move an AR button to the right.
  • After that, you’ll be taken towards the completely animated display mode. The mode will remain in default until you enable an AR mode.
  • You can switch the switch to begin using this mode. You can do this by moving the slider toward the left.
  • You can, however, remove yourself from this mode by navigating to Settings.
  • Click your Pokeball and then go to the Settings on the right-hand side of your display.
    • Navigate to the settings and remove your NIANTIC AR (AR+) setting to turn off the feature.
  • This is all you need to know about getting from the mode of AR Pokemon Go.

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