Dog engages in fight with venomous snake to protect its owner

Dog engages in fight with venomous snake to protect its owner

In a remarkable display of loyalty and bravery, a pet dog named Tommy engaged in a fierce fight with a poisonous snake to protect the family who had domesticated him. The incident occurred in Malkangiri, where the dog prevented the snake from entering the house while his owner, Shiva Prasad, was asleep.

When the family members of Prasad came out of the house after hearing Tommy’s barks, they witnessed the dog putting his life at risk and fighting with the snake. The family quickly informed the snake helpline about the incident, and a team of snake rescuers arrived on the scene promptly.

The rescuers safely rescued the poisonous snake and released it into a nearby forested area. The dog’s courageous actions have become the talk of the town, with many praising Tommy’s loyalty and faithfulness.

This incident once again highlights the importance of pets and their role in protecting their owners. It also underscores the need for people to be aware of their surroundings and the potential dangers that may exist. The family expressed their gratitude for Tommy’s bravery and credited him with saving their lives.

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