International Cat Day 2022

International Cat Day 8th August

International Cat Day: A few myths about cats you need to stop believing.

Defending cats, a Denver pet owner tells how he has a variety of cats and dogs he takes in during the winter. He believes that cats are not as passive as people think, and he claims they are often overlooked.

Despite thousands of years, domesticated cats still suffer something of a bad reputation. While some consider their independence to be a plus, others see it as a form of selfishness or aloofness born from an excess of pride or arrogance. Those who emphasize this appreciation for independence often complain about the cat’s attitude or encourage his respect for human behavior and house confinement rules.

International Cat Car (ICC)

Internation Cat Care (ICC) an international non-profit organization working for cats since 1985, international Cat Care works to end the abuse, neglect, and welfare of domestic cats around the world, Inthe year 2020 ICC became the official custodian of International Cat Day

International Cat Day is celebrated in recognition of all cat lovers throughout the world. It will potentially be a significant non-profit movement to provide protection for hundreds of innocent animals across the globe

How to keep your Cats Healthy and Safe

Cat-proofing your balconies and windows :Cats always land on their feet. In actuality, cats are not able to cushion their fall to the ground when they plunge from high places. They may also break bones if they fall from high places. To protect Cats from such disastrous cat-proofing your balconies and windows are necessary.

Don’t give Milk to your Cats Every Day: Cats like milk but don’t need it every day, if they’re fed well. Cats that drink too much milk can cause Diarrhoea in cats (lactose intolerance, Therefore, only give it occasionally in small amounts.

Cats Can gain Weight : The same way people do, cats gain weight when they eat too much or fail to do exercise. When animals are spayed or neutered, their metabolic rate slows, and their food demands decrease. This allows them to gain weight.

Vaccinate Your Cat Regularly: More often than not, cats should be vaccinated regularly for rabies. Like any other animals, Cats can carry rabies so vaccination of your domestics cats is very essential

Indoor cats can get diseases: The current infection rate is relatively high because cats continue to become infected from contact with emerging zoonotic diseases which is mostly carried through the air or brought in on shoes, clothing and fomites. Vaccination is the best way to protect your cat from these diseases

Avoid Onion and Garlic in Cat’s Food: Garlic is considered to be about five times as toxic as onions for cats and dogs.

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