VK Pandian is on a 2-day visit to Sundargarh district to review several projects

The 5T Secretary, VK Pandian, recently visited the Hockey Training Center in Bonai to interact with players and take stock of the state of the facility. During his visit, the 5T Secretary engaged with players and coaches, learning about their experiences and offering words of encouragement.

The Hockey Training Center in Bonai is a state-of-the-art facility that offers world-class training and coaching to young players from across the region. The center is equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities, including a full-size synthetic turf hockey ground, a gymnasium, and accommodation for players.

The 5T Secretary’s visit to the Hockey Training Center highlights the importance of sports in promoting physical fitness, mental well-being, and the overall development of young people. Hockey is a popular sport in Odisha, with the state boasting a rich legacy of producing world-class players. The government of Odisha has taken several steps in recent years to promote sports in the state, including investing in infrastructure, providing scholarships and incentives to athletes, and hosting major sporting events.

In addition to visiting the Hockey Training Centre, the 5T Secretary also visited educational institutions in Koira and Biramitrapur to assess the state of education in the region. The Secretary interacted with students and teachers, listening to their concerns and suggestions. The Secretary also directed district officials to take steps to improve the welfare of students in the region, including providing better infrastructure and facilities, hiring more teachers, and improving the quality of education.

Education is a key priority for the government of Odisha, with the state investing heavily in improving access to education and enhancing the quality of teaching and learning. The government has launched several initiatives in recent years, including the introduction of digital classrooms, the provision of free textbooks and uniforms to students, and the establishment of model schools in rural areas.

The 5T Secretary’s visit to the region also included a review of the progress of the Urban Area Water Body Rejuvenation Project. The project aims to restore and conserve water bodies in urban areas, promoting sustainable water management and improving the environment. The Secretary reviewed the progress of the project and directed officials to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

The Urban Area Water Body Rejuvenation Project is one of several initiatives launched by the government of Odisha to promote sustainable development and protect the environment. The state has taken several measures to address environmental challenges, including promoting renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and conserving biodiversity.

The 5T Secretary’s visit to the Hockey Training Centre, educational institutions, and the Urban Area Water Body Rejuvenation Project demonstrates the government’s commitment to promoting sports, education, and sustainable development in the state of Odisha. The government’s efforts to invest in infrastructure, improve the quality of education, and protect the environment will benefit generations to come, ensuring that Odisha remains a prosperous and sustainable state for years to come.

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