Babushaan Mohanty finally went to his wife’s house to see his son Guan

Babushaan Mohanty finally took a step forward to resolve his domestic issue after Babushaan and Prakurti Mishra Love’s story controversy. Today morning Babushaan went to meet his son Guan and wife Trupti.

Some videos of Babushaan are going viral on social media in which it is seen that Babusan went to his father-in-law’s house and met his son. It is also reported that he spent a lot of time with his son. However, Babushaan said his wife and Son Guan will return home soon.

New twist in Prakurti Mishra and Babushaan Love story

Bhubaneswar: Babushaan and Prakruti Mishra love story once again takes a new twist. The audio tape is circulating on social media, in which the voices of a young woman and a young man can be heard. While it is widely believed that this is the audio of Babusan-Prakruti’s conversation, However Odisha Now could not yet verify the authenticity of the audio tape.

In the tape a male voice says, why are you always angry? The young woman is saying, my body is hurting, I can’t bear it, you can’t understand that. Hearing this, the young man said, “What did I do? I understand everything. It is difficult because you are taking drugs, Don’t cry have some food and take rest. Apart from this, he is heard saying SORRY to the young woman by holding her leg. Also, when the young woman says I LOVE YOU, the young man also says LOVE YOU in return. While it is being discussed that it may be the audio of the conversation between Babushaan and Prakruti from the voices of both of them, no explanation has been given by either of them.

Odia Star Babushaan was beaten up by his wife.

Bhubaneswar: Qllywood’s handsome hero Babushaan Mohanty’s image is torn apart by his family. The husband and wife fight has come out of the four walls and reached the street. Babushaan’s character is doubted by his wife Trupti Satapathy. Today morning Trupti was shocked to see Prakurti Mishra inside Babushaan’s car. It was alleged that both of them were dragged out of the car and beaten up. While all this high drama was going on, Babushaan’s father Uttam Mohanty gave his first reaction to the media.

Uttam Mohanty said ‘Trupti is very good girl, Babushaan and Trupti love each other very much. Trupti may have some evidence against Babushaan and Prakurti Mishra. My Son-in-Law is a meritorious student she hardly knows anything about acting and intimate scenes of the film industry and she doesn’t like them too. I explained this to Babusan many times and he also agreed with me”

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