Akanksha Dubey Suicide Case

Developments in the Akanksha Dubey Suicide Case: Bhojpuri Actress Captured on CCTV with Mystery Man

Last month, Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey was found hanging in her hotel room in Varanasi, with authorities initially ruling it as a suicide.

However, new developments in the case have surfaced. CCTV footage has emerged showing Akanksha outside the hotel with a “mystery man” believed to be a work colleague, just a day before her death.

In the footage, the pair can be seen walking together and entering the hotel lobby before heading up to Akanksha’s room. Later, another CCTV footage shows the actress returning to the hotel with the same man after a party on the night of her death.

The man is believed to be one of the last people to have seen Akanksha alive before her alleged suicide. Authorities are investigating his identity and possible involvement in the case.

In addition, Akanksha’s mother has filed a report against Bhojpuri singer Samar Singh, who was also her daughter’s boyfriend. Singh and his brother have been accused of abetting Akanksha’s suicide and are being questioned by the police.

According to Akanksha’s mother, she was mentally tormented by Singh and his brother over money matters. The actress had not received payment for her recent work, leading to an argument between her and Singh.

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