Har Har Shambhu singer Abhilipsa Panda

Har Har Shambhu singer Abhilipsa Panda also known as Har Har Shambhu girl got viral for her latest song “Har Har Shambhu” or “Hara Hara Shambhu” which was composed by Jeetu Sharma. Jeetu Sharma is also the co-singer of the popular song “Har Har Shambhu” along with Abhilipsa Panda.

Har Har Shambhu Shiv Mahadeva

Who is Abhilipsa Panda?

Abhilipsa Panda is an Odia girl born in Barbil, a small town in Odisha on 30th November 2001, Abhilipsa Panda is 21 years. She is currently living with her father Ashok Panda, her Mother Puspashree Panda, and one younger sister. Her Father Rtd. Army Officer.

Abhilipsa Panda comes from a family where her grandfather was a famous harmonium (Indian Classical music instrument) player. She grew up listing to music. Abhilipsa Panda is a trained Odissi Classical Singer.

Abhilipsa’s Singing Carrier

At the age of 14, Abhilipsa Panda started her training in Indian Classical while pursuing her Academic Carrier. Her first singing debut was a children’s song, which she sang on request.

At the age of 17, She was horned with the Governor’s award for her excellence in Indian Classical. Later Abhilipsa participated in the famous singing reality show “Odisha Super Singer” By Seeing her singing talent Jeetu Sharma gave her an opportunity to sing “Har Har Shambhu” with him. The Song “Har Har Shambhu” gave a new direction to Abhilipsa’s carrier.

Five Secrets about Abhilipsa Panda

  1. Abhlipsa is a Black belt in karate and won a gold medal at the National level.
  2. Her song “Har Har Shambhu” is one of the height-viewed videos of any Odia singer so far.
  3. Abhilipsa Panda is very good at cooking.
  4. Abhliipsa Panda like reading and watching youtube in her free time
  5. Abhilipsa’s love life yet unknown

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New twist in Prakurti Mishra and Babushaan Love story

Bhubaneswar: Babushaan and Prakruti Mishra love story once again takes a new twist. The audio tape is circulating on social media, in which the voices of a young woman and a young man can be heard. While it is widely believed that this is the audio of Babusan-Prakruti’s conversation, However Odisha Now could not yet verify the authenticity of the audio tape.

In the tape a male voice says, why are you always angry? The young woman is saying, my body is hurting, I can’t bear it, you can’t understand that. Hearing this, the young man said, “What did I do? I understand everything. It is difficult because you are taking drugs, Don’t cry have some food and take rest. Apart from this, he is heard saying SORRY to the young woman by holding her leg. Also, when the young woman says I LOVE YOU, the young man also says LOVE YOU in return. While it is being discussed that it may be the audio of the conversation between Babushaan and Prakruti from the voices of both of them, no explanation has been given by either of them.

Odia Star Babushaan was beaten up by his wife.

Bhubaneswar: Qllywood’s handsome hero Babushaan Mohanty’s image is torn apart by his family. The husband and wife fight has come out of the four walls and reached the street. Babushaan’s character is doubted by his wife Trupti Satapathy. Today morning Trupti was shocked to see Prakurti Mishra inside Babushaan’s car. It was alleged that both of them were dragged out of the car and beaten up. While all this high drama was going on, Babushaan’s father Uttam Mohanty gave his first reaction to the media.

Uttam Mohanty said ‘Trupti is very good girl, Babushaan and Trupti love each other very much. Trupti may have some evidence against Babushaan and Prakurti Mishra. My Son-in-Law is a meritorious student she hardly knows anything about acting and intimate scenes of the film industry and she doesn’t like them too. I explained this to Babusan many times and he also agreed with me”

Odia Girl Apsara Rani Biography

Apsara Rani

The real name of Apsara Rani is Anketa Maharana. She was born to an Odia family but she was raised in Dehradun. Apsara Rani is a trending face in the Telugu Film industry. Apsara Rani is good dancer. She made her acting debut with the 2019 Telugu romantic film 4 Letters directed by R. Raghuraj in the female lead role. She got recognition for her acting skills in the film Patnagarh in 2020. She has recently worked with the famous filmmaker of Bollywood Ram Gopal Verma’s upcoming movie Dangerous India’s first lesbian crime action film along with Naina Ganguly

31st State Odiya Film Awards Announcement

Bhubaneswar: The state government has announced the State Film and Television Awards for 2018. Ghanshyam Mohapatra, an eminent film sponsor and director, has been announced for the prestigious Jaydev Award. Similarly, the Mohan Sundar Deb Goswami Award will be given to renowned film director Neelmadhab Panda. Neelmadhab Panda has also been announced to be awarded the Best Director award. The two awards will be given to him for his internationally acclaimed Oriya film ‘Kali’s Past’.

Saroj Parida has been nominated for Best Actor for her performance in “Khushi” and Kavya Kiran has been nominated for Best Actress for her performance in the film. The late Kapaleshwar Mohapatra will be awarded the Best Story for ‘Shalabudhar Badla’ and Vaidyanatha Das will be awarded the Best Music Director Award for the film ‘Nayakar Na Devdas’. Similarly, Swami Padhi 4 will be awarded the Best Cover Singer and Deeptirekha Padhi the Best Cover Singer award. Rabindra Behera will be awarded the Best Picture Award and Rajesh Das the Best Editing Award. Arun Mantri has been nominated for Best lyricist and Best Screenplay for Santosh Narayan Das. Bobby Mishra will be honored with Best Supporting Actor and Anjana Das will be honored with Best Supporting Actress, Aishwarya Mishra will be awarded Best Child Artist.

Bapa ICU re Achanti (ବାପା ଆଇସିୟୁ’ରେ ଅଛନ୍ତି)

Bhubaneswar: New odia Movie ‘Bapa ICU re Achanti’ (ବାପା ଆଇସିୟୁ’ରେ ଅଛନ୍ତି) is coming soon. The shooting of the film took place yesterday at the Atmaram Temple in Jaydev Bihar. The film, which will be based on a different story, will feature a number of new star casts.

Jagjit is in the lead role in the film. Opposite him is Mitali. Both of them have jumped from the small screen to the big screen. Other leading roles include Pradyumna Lenka, Kuni Mishra, Ratan Meher, Ushashree Mishra, Swastika Mishra, Madhumita Mohanty, Shuvrangshu, Alka Shatapathi, Shakti Baral, Saroj Das, Anant Mishra and Tribhuvan Panda.

The film, made under the banner of Tarang Cine Productions, is directed by Tapas Sargaria, while Tribhuvan Panda is in charge of its production. Similarly, Devidatta Mohanty is in charge of story, screen play and dialogue. Abhijit Majumdar is in charge of the music of the film. Similarly, Nirmal Nayak and Devidatta Mohanty are in charge of the lyrics.

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