Ten things people might want to Know about Jasmine Rath

Jasmin Rath' s age? Jasmine is 22 years Now

Jasmin Rath' s Height? Jasmine got good Height of 5.3 Feets

Jasmin Rath's Weight ? Jasmine is about 52 Kgs 

Jasmin Rath's Boy friend ? Jasmine's love life is not yet public, So her Boy Friends information is still unknown 

Where Jasmin Rath Lives? Jasmine Rath is living in Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Jasmin Rath's Favorite Sports? Jasmine like playing Tennis

Jasmin Rath's Favorite Dancer? Jasmine like Dancing  a lot. She is very much influenced by Nora Fetehi's Dance

What Jasmin Rath like to eat? Jasmine like eating traditional Odia vegetarian Food besides that she like having Pizza sometimes 

Jasmin Rath's Pic? Jasmine Rath unloaded hundreds of photo's of her in her insta and FB account 

Jasmin Rath's Birth Day? 30th August is Jasmine Rath's Birth Day