Decoding Your Kitten's Actions: Understanding Their Needs and Desires 

1. When your kitten arches their back and hisses, they may be feeling scared or threatened.

2. If your kitten is purring while kneading on your lap, they are likely feeling happy and content.

3. If your kitten rubs their head or body against you, they are showing affection and marking you with its scent.

4. When your kitten is meowing excessively, it may be hungry, thirsty, or want attention.

5. If your kitten is scratching on furniture or other surfaces, they may be trying to sharpen their claws or mark their territory 

6. If your kitten is hiding under furniture or in small spaces, they may be feeling scared or anxious.

7. When your kitten is playfully pouncing or chasing after objects, they are likely feeling playful and energetic.

8. If your kitten is licking or grooming themselves excessively, they may be feeling stressed or experiencing skin irritation 

9. When your kitten is lying on their back and exposing their belly, they are showing trust and relaxation.

10. If your kitten is batting or swatting at objects, they may be practicing their hunting skills or playing.