Ten most beautiful animals in the world

The white or bleached tiger is a leucistic pigmentation variant of the continental tiger

The albino peacock is completely white, including its tail, despite belonging to the blue peacock family 

chameleon is the most beautiful reptile in the world. Imagine being able to change color according to circumstances, 

Albino Fish is one of the most sought-after creatures for underwater photographers. but it appears at night when it comes out to feed. 

Glass Butterfly's wings are transparent except for the edges, which are brown, so this butterfly takes on the color of its environment, 

Its quiet and placid beauty captivates and rests the eye, and its graceful movements deserve a place on our list of the world's most beautiful animals  

Polar bear or white bear is a large carnivorous mammal belonging to the family Ursidae  

The dolphin symbolizes cheerfulness, freedom and spontaneity, aspects that fascinate us in our so controlled world   

Husky  is a medium-sized dog of distant Siberian origin. It is a working breed, although it has become among the most popular companion dogs 

Ara Macaws are parrots, exotic birds from the tropical forest of South America and belonging to the family Psittacidae.