Particles of gold discovered in groundwater from a bore well in Odisha

Particles of gold discovered in groundwater from a bore well in Odisha

Bolangir District, Odisha – The people of Nandupala village in Khaprakhol block were in for a pleasant surprise last Friday when they discovered that the water coming out of a bore well near Harishankar was mixed with gold particles.

News of the discovery quickly spread, drawing hundreds of curious visitors from nearby villages to witness the phenomenon. Local authorities were also notified, and the block development officer, tehsildar of Khaprakhol, and police officials promptly arrived at the site to collect samples.

After collecting the samples, the officials stated that the samples have been sent to laboratories for testing. The tehsildar of Khaprakhol, in a statement to the press, confirmed that they are waiting for the results of the tests.

This unexpected occurrence has caused quite a stir in the village, with locals excitedly discussing the potential benefits that could come from the discovery. The discovery has also caught the attention of many outside the region, with people expressing their interest and amazement on social media.

This is an ongoing story, and we will bring you the latest updates as soon as they become available.

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