train to Kolkata via Talcher and Angul

New train to Kolkata via Talcher, Angul, and Dhenkanal soon: Dharmendra

New train to Kolkata via Talcher will run from Sambalpur to Kolkata. via Talcher, Angul, and Dhenkanal. The Union Minister visited Angul and Dhenkanal along with senior officials of the East Coast Railway Department in a special coach from Bhubaneswar Mancheswar station. Visited Talcher Road, Balaram Site of MCL, Talcher, Sunakhani, Bushapank, Meramundali, Hindol Road and Jashibpur railway stations and discussed the progress of development work with railway officials. He saw the work of Bridge No. 5 of Baurapal Block and Rail Linker under construction in Hingula area of ​​Natda Gram Panchayat.

Met local people at all stations and talked to them. Dharmendra Pradhan thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Railway Minister Ashwini Baisnava for giving puja gifts to the people of the district for taking the responsibility of running the new railway between Anugol and Dhenkanal. About 2,500 crores worth of railway projects are going on in Anugol and Dhenkanal regions. With the reconstruction of Talcher, Talcher Road, Anugol and Dhenkanal’s four stations, duplication of the railway line, third line, and fourth line work will be completed in many stations.

One passenger and two freight railway lines from Talcher to Anugol will be completed soon. The work of the passenger rail line from Talcher to Angol via Vaya FCI and Nalco will be completed by next November at a cost of around Rs 500 crore. He also visited and reviewed the work of various railway projects, Talcher Angul Loop Line at the railway station. Teacher-Angul and Dhenkanal railway concept improvement work is going on while the reconstruction of 4 stations in this area is also going on. Finally, Dharmendra Pradhan also reviewed the work of Talcher station and Sunakhani railway station.

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