Khalistani Elements Attempt to Pull Down Indian Flag at High Commission in London

London: At a recent event in the United Kingdom, it has been reported that some individuals with links to the Pakistan-sponsored Khalistani movement attempted to take down the Indian flag at the High Commission of India in London. However, the Indian security personnel present at the scene were able to rescue the flag and prevent it from being taken down.

The Khalistani movement is a separatist movement seeking to establish an independent Sikh state in Punjab, India. The movement has been associated with violence and terrorism in the past. The incident at the High Commission of India in London highlights the ongoing tensions between the Indian government and some sections of the Sikh community overseas.

The Indian government strongly condemned the attempt to pull down the Indian flag by Khalistani elements at the High Commission of India in London. The Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement expressing its concern and urging the UK government to take action against those responsible for the incident.

The Indian High Commissioner to the UK, called the incident “unacceptable” and praised the quick action taken by the security personnel to prevent any damage to the flag. The Indian government has been concerned about the activities of Khalistani elements overseas and has been urging foreign governments to take action against them.

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