Clashes Between Tribals and Non-Tribals Escalate Tension in Manipur and Meghalaya

Clashes Between Tribals and Non-Tribals Escalate Tension in Manipur and Meghalaya

Manipur: The situation in Manipur, a state in India, has become very tense due to fierce clashes between tribals and non-tribals. The violence has now spread to the neighboring state of Meghalaya, where students from the Kuki and Meitei communities of Manipur studying in various colleges and universities in Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, engaged in a violent clash. The conflict between the student groups of both communities turned into a violent attack last Thursday night, and the police had to intervene and arrest 16 people from the spot.

According to the latest reports, the situation in Meghalaya has become precarious due to the widespread violence in Manipur, and the unrest has spread causing havoc and destruction. The situation in Manipur is fatal with arson and violence making the situation uncontrollable. The authorities have imposed Section 144 and suspended internet services. The governor has even ordered the shooting of protestors on sight.

The repercussions of the clashes have been devastating with five army and Assam Rifles jawans killed in Manipur. Additionally, fourteen pen javans have been kept on standby, and over 9,000 people have been rescued and sheltered from the violence-hit areas.

Although the situation is slowly coming under control, normalcy is far from returning. Protesters have broken into schools and colleges, causing extensive vandalism, while many lanes have been burnt on the side of the road. The Manipur government faces the daunting task of bringing life back on track amidst the agitated populace.

The escalating tension and violence in Manipur and Meghalaya have raised concerns among the public and the government. The situation calls for immediate intervention and resolution to prevent further loss of life and property.

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