Har Har Sambhu by Muslim singer

Artist has no religion Har Har Shambhu Singer Farmani Naaz

According to Odisha Now sources “Har Har Shambhu” singer Farmani Zaaz has come under the target of Muslim fundamentalists. Ulema Mufti Asad Qasmi has expressed objection. He has said that he does not consider dancing and singing in Islam at all permissible. Sharia doesn’t even allow it. It is a crime to sing such songs despite being a Muslim. A woman should abstain from it, she should repent.

Reacting to the Muslim clerics’ fatua, Singer Farmani Naaz answered the advice of the Ulema with impunity. Farmani Naaz says that She is an artist She has to sing all kinds of songs and the artist has no religion. Fermani further said that when I sing a song, I forget everything. I also sing qawwali. During this, Farmani remembered Mohammed Rafi and said that Mohammed Rafi has also sung devotional songs.

Earlier the original singer of Har Har Shambhu Abhilipsa Pand claimed that a Muslim singer Farmani Naaz has highjacked her Song Abhilipsa Panda micro-blogging site Twitter and applied for everybody’s support and stand by her on this matter. Farmani Naaz recently uploaded a video of her singing “Har Har Shambhu” on his YouTube channel. Which not only saw more than 2 million people and was appreciated by many viewers.

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