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Minister for gunning down child molester in Sambalpur


 “If I were not a minister I would have appreciated gunning down the culprit who tried to molest a three year old inside the government hospital premises in Sambalpur”, said a visibly angry Pratap Jena who is the Minister for Health and Law in the Naveen’s cabinet.

A 3-year-old girl was allegedly molested by a security guard of Sambalpur District Headquarter Hospital yesterday. The incident had taken place yesterday evening in the premises of the hospital.

Meanwhile, the agreement with a security agency G5S was cancelled by authorities of the Sambalpur hospital, a day after one of its security guards allegedly attempted to rape the three-year-old daughter of a patient in the hospital.

Talking to media persons, State Health Minister Pratap Jena said, “We want to send out a message that if any employee of an outsourcing agency gets involved in any crime, the agency will be held responsible.”

Sambalpur CDMO KK Gupta said the district police have been asked to deploy home guards until new tender process is completed. Henceforward the agencies which will take part in the tender process will be asked to scrutinize the criminal antecedents of its guards, he said.  

The police yesterday arrested the security guard. Police said the girl was with her mother and younger sister, who are undergoing treatment at the Mother and Child Health Care Centre (MCH) of the District Headquarters Hospital.

However, she went outside the ward with the security guard in the evening when the doctor visited the ward. The girl's mother searched for her after the doctor finished the round and found her outside with the security guard.

But she was shocked when her daughter narrated the ordeal, caused by a security guard of the hospital. The mother of the girl then lodged a complaint at the town police station, following which police arrested the security guard.

Sambalpur District Collector, Samarth Verma said, the police have already apprehended the accused.

EDITOR : Bijoy Ketan Mishra
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