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Dist Admins encounter difficulties in Agri Input Subsidy disbursement


 Even as the State Government directed the District Administrations to expedite distribution of Agriculture Input Subsidy to farmers who suffered crop loss due to drought, pest attack and unseasonal rain in State, the district authorities encounter several problems in disbursing the dues.

According to sources in the Revenue and Disaster Management Department, the disbursement is delayed due to several reasons, including large scale vacancies in district, Sub-division and Block levels.

The sources said, as the disbursements are made in Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode, absence of detailed data on beneficiaries with the district administration is another problem faced by the district administrations, said the officials.

Similarly Aadhaar numbers are not fully allocated to the people so there are a large number of farmers without Aadhaar numbers, the officials said.

“However, as the situation is grave and famers are in a hapless condition due to the triple whammy on the farm sector, the Collectors need to go on an overdrive to disburse the agricultural input subsidies on war footing,” said a senior official in the Department of Revenue & Disaster Management.

Notably, several district administration are slow in disbursing Agriculture Input Subsidy to farmers who suffered crop loss due to drought, pest attack and recent unseasonal rain though the State Government placed over Rs.718 crore with the Collectors for the purpose.

State Government had placed Rs.718.50 crore with the Collectors of 29 districts. But only 8 percent of the amount has been disbursed till date, said official sources.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today asked the officials to expedite disbursement of Agricultural Input Subsidy on war footing basis as famers are in distress.

Accordingly, Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) Office doggedly collected information from the districts and wanted disbursement as quickly as possible.

Officials in Department of Revenue & Disaster Management admit that districts such as Bargarh, Balangir, Boudh, Bhadrak, Jharsuguda, and few others are slow in disbursing the subsidy.

They said out of the total Rs 718.5 crore, Rs.216.22 crore was placed with District Collectors for drought assistance and till date only 20 per cent of the amount has been disbursed.

Similarly Rs.128.48 crore was placed for Input subsidy for pest attack and as of now only nine per cent has been disbursed, the officials said.

As much as Rs.364.76 crore was allocated to the Districts for loss due to unseasonal rain and a meager 0.03 per cent has been disbursed by the Collectors, the official revealed.

They said, it seems the district authorities are not serious about disbursement.

Notably over 1.6 lakh farmers were affected due to drought, pest attack and unseasonal rains and the officials have failed to act adequately on all the three fronts, they said adding, the State Government has taken serious note of it, said sources.

EDITOR : Bijoy Ketan Mishra
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