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Banks reluctant to finance floriculture entrepreneurs


 While more and more famers are going for commercial floriculture, banks seem to be not so enthusiastic to finance such ventures.

Even as over 100 farmers in Ganjam district have applied for loans to go for commercial cultivation of flowers, getting finance is turning out to be the biggest problem for them, said sources.

Agriculture Production Commissioner (APC) Gagan Kumar Dhal during his recent visit to Ganjam talked to the farmers and had found huge scope for floriculture in the district.

Officials admit that there is difficulty in getting loans from the banks as documentation is posing problem.

Farmers are receiving clearance from the Directorate of Horticulture as the officials in the district are proactively supporting the farmers to go for floriculture. Berhampur market is the biggest flower market of the State and offers huge scope for such venture.

According to sources, the Berhampur flower market handles over six tonnes of flowers daily and crosses the 20-tonne mark during wedding season and festivals.

“There is large scope of developing the market for flowers in Odisha and farmers seem to be convinced about the benefits now. The flower business in the State has seen drastic changes in the last one decade,” says B Krishna, a leading rose producer of the State.

Notably, rose occupies over 15 per cent of the flower market demand and is growing day by day.

Krishna has planted 40,000 rose plants at Parbatipur near Gopalpur in Ganjam and gets an average four lakh good quality rose sticks from his farm.

Exotic rose of Dutch quality is being produced in his farm established at a cost of Rs 50 lakh.

He is earning more than Rs10 Lakh per acre every year from rose farming, said an official.

Looking at the success of Krishna and huge scope of rose market, over 100 farmers in Ganjam district have applied for protected cultivation of flowers while the bankers are reluctant to finance their projects, rued a senior official.

While exotic flowers like Dutch Roses, Orchids, Birds of Paradise, carnations, lilies and gerberas are mostly sought after, Ganjam famers are going for Orchids in a big way.

Farmers in Ranibara of Ganjam Tehsil are farming Orchid on commercial scale.

Tarangini Pattnayak is leading from the front and has a farm over 4000 square meters with 40,000 Dendrobium Orchid Plants with an investment of over Rs 60 lakhs.

National Horticulture Board (NHB) is assisting the project by 50 per cent assistance, said sources.

Ranibara village is highly suitable for orchid cultivation due to the favourable eco system here amidst Chilika lake and Bay of Bengal, they said.

Experts from India’s leading floriculture company Florance Flora also visited Ganjam district in 2014 and briefed the farmers about the benefits of Orchid cultivation.

The experts had also guided the farmers on orchid farming such as controlling sunlight and air flow.

District Horticulture authorities are encouraging farmers to go for orchid farming as there is scope for orchid cultivation over 150 acres, said Dhal.

EDITOR : Bijoy Ketan Mishra
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