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Odisha ties up with ESSO, INCOIS to develop Ocean Information Services


 In a bid to promote co-operation in the area of Ocean Information Services, the State Directorate of Fisheries and the Earth System Science Organisation (ESSO), Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Sources said the agreement would held in promoting information services such as potential fishing zone advisories, Ocean State Forecasts and Tsunami Early Warning Services for the benefit of coastal community of Odisha and especially the fishermen community.

As per the MoU, as many as 30 electronic display boards will be installed in 30 important fish landing centres of the State which would provide information on potential fishing area in the sea, Ocean State Forecast and Tsunami early warning to fishers venturing into sea. It would establish mobile-based Ocean Information dissemination services directly from INCOIS and effectively disseminate information with Odisha specific date in regional language among fishermen.

The fishermen would be able to get vital information on sea condition such as storm surges, high waves, wind speed, tides forecast, etc which would be helpful for them for their daily commercial as well as routine activities. Theu will empower more than five lakh marine fishermen of the State at no additional cost.

EDITOR : Bijoy Ketan Mishra
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