Friday, July 10, 2020
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Fishery expert pitch for Tilapia farming

 Dr. Bhujel, who is also Director of Aquaculture, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and Consultant WorldFish Dr Ram Bhujel has suggested farming of Tilapia fish in State as it is low cost and risk free.

Speaking at a seminar here recently, Bhujel said Tilapia production is on rise around the Globe.

Directorate of Fisheries (DoF)  in collaboration with WorldFish conducted the Seminar  "Tilapia Farming: Global and Regional Perspectives" and "How to produce good quality Monosex GIFT tilapia Fry in hatchery" on June 13 at the FISHCOPFED training center, Kausalyaganga on Bhubaneswar outskirt.

Director of Fisheries, Bijay Ketan Upadhyay held several rounds of discussion with Dr.Bhujel in this regard and WorldFish is extending support for Odisha.

 Ram explained how the Global Tilapia production has grown from less than a lakh metric ton during 1980's to nearly 60 lakh metric tons by 2016 with investments in R&D (Genetics, breeding and hatchery technology, farming systems, processing and marketing).

Ram elaborated on latest technical design for hatchery construction, techniques for broodstock maturation, egg collection, hatching, larval rearing, fry nursing, sex reversal to all-male population and farming practices, said sources.

Notably, about 120 countries produce and consume tilapia. China, Indonesia and Egypt are top producers. USA is the largest importer with about 6 lakh ton of Tilapia per annum. WorldFish promoted GIFT (Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia) and GIFT derived varieties of Nile Tilapia are widely used for farming across the globe.

The sources said, tilapia is a easy to farm, low cost, low risk aquaculture species suitable to spectrum of farmers. It can be farmed in backyard small ponds, commercial fish ponds and in reservoir cages.

It has tremendous export potential with creation of lot of unskilled, semi-skilled and highly skilled jobs in Odisha, they added.

Union Government has already issued Tilapia farming guidelines. MPEDA-RGCA in collaboration with WorldFish has established a GIFT Nucleus breeding center in Andhra Pradesh from where pure genetic lines (pedigreed families) of tilapia broodstock will be brought to GIFT Multiplication center (MC) at DoF hatchery, Kausalyaganga, Odisha. 

The broodstock will be multiplied at the MC hatchery for further distribution to local private fish hatcheries which will be certified and accredited for quality GIFT fry production and distribution to local farmers.

Key officials, scientists, farmers and hatchery operators from DoF, CIFA, NFDB and MPEDA participated in the seminar.


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